earth workers & MORE

Landart artists-our Earth Workers-are chosen from the international scene and hosted in the Nellimya Arthouse Residency in Aranno in Canton Ticino, Malcantone Region.

The call for entries is open year-round, so you can always submit your work. 

Artists operating in Switzerland can make direct contact with the Association for vis-à-vis dialogue.

The available budget updates based on funding, donations coming in monthly, and ALA promotional events.

Each Artist is invited to nominate his or her work detailing the cost of implementation and timeline. It is the concern of the ALA Nonprofit Association to activate fundraising to raise the necessary funding.

The works created are documented in the Online Catalog, which is constantly being updated due to adaptations to the works: restorations and eventual replacements.

Schools are welcome to follow the work in progress, meet the Artists and experience Landart, through themed workshops.

Nellimya Arthouse Art Gallery - Solidarity Partner and social headquarters of ALA Association - is pleased to collaborate with Artists who have Light Art & Land Art works in their creativity, in order to amplify the trait-d'union between indoor and outdoor exhibitions on the vitART Parcours Routes.

Landart - OPEN CALL

Works are selected through call for entries competition. The call for entries is open throughout the year, so it is always possible to apply.

The budget for Artists updates proportionally to the works made, funding sought and donations coming in from month to month.


Chiara Fiorini

Mya Lurgo


Natasha Melis

Honorary Artists are those who support the Itineraries vitARTParcours by donating a landart work or making it on a pro forma budget, for the purpose of solidifying an exhibition collaboration with Nellimya Arthouse. Would you like to apply?

Sculptures "IN residence" c/o nellimya arthouse property


See thearchive of Nellimya Arthouse's Light Art Exhibitions