CALL FOR ARTIST | International Call for Participation Coordinates.

● The call for entries is open year-round. 
The project for Aranno LandArt will have to be a work-not necessarily an unprecedented-landart piece designed to withstand the elements, especially snow, as much as possible.
● Sketches, renderings or photos for existing works are accepted and should be sent via
● Available on the MODULE IN ITALIAN or the MODULE IN ENGLISH to provide the necessary data for entry selection.
The chosen works will be commissioned by the nonprofit Aranno LandArt Association-with special predilection on the use of natural elements-and funded through public and private Sponsors.
Each Artist is required to fill out a detailed participation form including production costs and materials used.
During the commissioning, the Artist will be hosted - room and board - in residence at Nellimya Arthouse. The days of each Artist's stay will be planned according to the work and the resulting production time indicated in the form. Travel expenses are the responsibility of the Artist.
Since these are site-specific works of Landart, there is no withdrawal and commercialization by the Artists. The work may be subject to maintenance or will remain on display until spontaneous deterioration and any removal will be the responsibility of the Aranno LandArt Association.
By participating, one agrees to give the non-profit cultural association Aranno LandArt the rights of use related to the texts, images of the works for the production stages: creation of content for the website and social networks as well as various forms of promotion by the association.
Any dispute shall be settled by the Court of Lugano, in accordance with the Code of Obligations.
For more information, you can write to the creator of the project Itinerari vitART Parcours in Malcantone, Canton Ticino, Switzerland, at