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VitART Parcours itineraries in Malcantone


Culture, artists' studios and historical sites

Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts

Restaurants, taverns and farmhouses

Vineyards, wineries and local stores

The vitART parcours itineraries project was established in 2020 in the Malcantone region (Canton Ticino) by the non-profit cultural association Aranno LandArt - ALA. The initiative is aimed at families, schools as well as tourists.

VitART parcours are ethical, aesthetic and wellness trails, open free of charge all year round, weather conditions permitting 🙂 🙂

Each vitART parcours itinerary is chosen to connect Upper, Middle and Lower Malcantone and is punctuated by the alternating presence of:

  • Landart works also called environmental or earth art

  • GreenPoints, i.e., oases designed for relaxation, play, stretching, yoga ... under the banner of quality leisure culture, en plein air.The combination of environmental art and green stations was created with the intent to implement activities in natural places, to encourage socialization and well-being, especially after the COVID-19 experience.

The Aranno LandArt cultural association works in collaboration with municipalities, Patricians, the Forestry Authority and the artist residency Nellimya Arthouse, already a proven art gallery in Lugano's Piazza Riforma.

Artists for the vitART Parcous 1_Aranno pilot route were selected through an international call for entries, which ended on 3/31/2021.


The Association's long-term goal is ambitious and somewhat articulated: to turn the entire Malcantone Region into an open-air Landart Museum . Believe with us!