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Artists in residence

Aranno LandArt collaborates with Nellimya Arthouse, headquarters of the Association and privileged place to host the artists who collaborate for the creation of Land Art works.

In this house, light is life, is breath, creation, contemporaneity, sharing, growth, hope, experience, work, friendship and hospitality. The works of Light Art and Land Art are a flagship, in synergy and communion with each other because they know of Sun and Nature, of Earth and Sky. In this place artists, collectors, art lovers, relatives, friends, passing people are welcome, because those who live in this house feed on company and exchanges. The artists are not only selected from the national and international scene but are chosen for elective affinity and coherence towards everything that illuminates and makes you feel good. The works on display are loved for the message they convey and for the receptive heart of those who have made their hands available to make them.