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The works currently in competition are:

Land art works

[FRANCE] CanBe (Neirinckx Béatrice) - The Hourglass of Life

[ITALY] Cattaneo Mark - Ark

[JAPAN] Endo Ayawo & Yamamoto Karin - Space of cycle

[ITALY] Giannaccini Elisabetta & Ceragioli Franco - Mother Nature

[SWITZERLAND] Klinnert Elena & Siska Klelia - Leaf house

[ITALY] Lo Presti Beatrice - Cloud

[ITALY] Lolli Giacomina - Glances

[ITALY] Lucatelli Francesco - Carillon Tree

[ITALY] Rastelli Veronica - The Return

[GERMANY] Rofka Anna & Rofka Michael - Chapel of Stones


[FRANCE] Gaspard Combes - Being & Having.

[SWITZERLAND] Schneider Andreas - Ludens

Artists will receive a form to provide further clarification about their project for final evaluation.