Aranno LandArt Association and Nellimya Arthouse are pleased to invite you to two open days on Saturday, November 13 and Sunday, November 14, 2021. On the two days it will be possible to visit in the company of the artists Vitart_Parcurs 1 the Land... Read more "test

Green talk

Land Art to experience a relationship with nature completely to be redefined and reconstructed

Land Art Conquering Malcantone.

By Lina Simoneschi Finocchiato
This is the intent of the Aranno LandArt Association (ALA), which wants to populate the region with environmental art and does so starting from Aranno. Coordinator and artist Mya Lurgo tells us about the project.

An art walk for the whole family

ARANNO / An association has laid artwork and rest stops on seven hundred meters of trail and is now thinking of expanding the concept to the whole of Malcantone - Artist Mya Lurgo: "We dream of connecting the upper and lower parts of the region."